George Krickl has been leading Bible studies for over 35 years in small groups from his days in college to present day.  He is trying new things in the coming months with a blog with multiple categories, which can be read as individual books.  These “books” are a result of various studies he has taught or has been accumulating data over the years. He is interested in writing about Christian discipleship, and more specifically, development of Christian character based on the Bible.

Not being an experienced or professional writer these blog posts are not polished to impress, but are written to express the thoughts and process of the author in his quest to know His Lord better and to allow the one talent ministry given to him in this format to be multiplied by a God who can multiply one. May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be magnified and glorified in this space. Amen.

The Plow is a study on making radical changes to your life by looking at Biblical passages and character studies. From this comes the tag line of this blog: The Plow – To Unsettle the Ordinary Christian Life.

Poor in Spirit is a study of the first Beatitude. The study was started to teach on the Sermon on the Mount, but after researching he found that the Bible is so rich in the theme of being Poor in Spirit that a whole “book” could be written on that topic alone. Because discipleship is the underlying cause to this blog the discussion starts with discipleship. George would like to go through the other Beatitudes on this blog site in the future.

Waiting is a Bible study that originally came out of Poor in Spirit and deals with the concepts of devotionally waiting upon God and the benefits to both the Kingdom and your personal life. The script takes turns into ways, paths, and truth to help the reader understand the will of God for the disciple.

Teleios is a study of the Biblical word translated “perfect” in many translations. This is what Jesus told us to be in Matthew 5:48. The disciple and perfection will be discussed in this blog.

Mystic Moments is a collection of thoughts concerning the devotional life from readings of Christian devotional writers of the past (and a few who never written a devotional). Because George is a closet mystic (where mystics belong) he would love to share thoughts on devotion.

George is happily married to his wife Nancee of 32 years, and has three children and three grandchildren.

Other than studying and discussing the Bible George loves to play golf, basketball, and attend amusement parks with his children (and hopefully some day with his grandchildren).  He and his family attend 412 Church in San Jacinto, California.

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