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Then Arioch hurriedly brought Daniel into the king’s presence and spoke to him as follows: “I have found a man among the exiles from Judah who can make the interpretation known to the king!”  The king said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, “Are you able to make known to me the dream which I have seen and its interpretation?”  Daniel answered before the king and said, “As for the mystery about which the king has inquired, neither wise men, conjurers, magicians nor diviners are able to declare it to the king.  However, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries, and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will take place in the latter days…”  (NASB)

King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, had a dream in which the usual advisors could not reveal the dream and its interpretation.  The king ordered the execution of all the wise men, in which Daniel and his three friends were included in that group.  Daniel asks for time which he uses for a prayer meeting and then he seeks an audience with the King of Babylon.  The Character of Daniel is plainly seen in this passage of Scripture; and that character is being poor in spirit.

“Are you able to make known to me the dream which I have seen and its interpretation?”  Nebuchadnezzar asked a question that had a temptation attached.  Daniel could have simply answered in the affirmative and taken the glory for himself because he already had the dream and interpretation in hand.  It would have been an easy way to be recognized as a person worthy of honor and a promotion would surely have been the result of this self-promotion.  Daniel could have rationalized that he was using God’s gifts for the furtherance of his people and blessing Daniel because he belonged to the Lord.  Daniel could have convinced himself that it was all right to say yes to the question.  But Daniel had the character of being poor in spirit, and as such was not into self-promotion, but was rather trusting in God to take care of him and reveal His will for his life as he needed it.  Daniel’s response revealed who he really was.

It is not good to eat much honey; so for men to seek glory, their own glory, causes suffering and is not glory.  (Proverbs 25:27, Amplified) 

However, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries.  Daniel’s response is God in heaven reveals the secrets, and the dream and interpretation are being brought to you by the Living God and to Him should be all the glory.  Daniel responded as a man who was poor in spirit, totally relying upon God to take care of his life for the glory of God. 

Ascribe to Yahweh, you heavenly beings, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength.  Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due His name; worship Yahweh in the splendor of His holiness.  (Psalm 29:1-2, HCSB)

The Lord honored Daniel’s choice to give Him the glory for the revelation received by promoting him and his three companions:

Then the king promoted Daniel and gave him many great gifts, and he made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and chief perfect over all the wise men of Babylon.  And Daniel made request of the king, and he appointed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego over the administration of the province of Babylon, while Daniel was at the king’s court.  (Daniel 2:48-49, NASB)

Go to prayer and discern if there is any self-promotion in your life (I see this all too often in the church setting) and confess it as sin and trust in God to promote you to be where He wants you to be.