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The Commands of Christ are from Scripture – The Testimony of the Early Church

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.  (Acts 2:42)

As the New Testament was being written the Church had two forms of God’s revelation, or commands: The Old Testament and the words of Jesus the Son of Man given orally to the apostles.  Only the apostles at this point had the words of the earthly ministry of Jesus and the authority to transmit those words as we saw earlier.  This was the doctrine of the early Church, and soon was added the New Testament, the delivered message of the apostles as directed by Jesus in Acts 1:2.  Continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine in the Greek is speaking that in a persevering manner the church is attending to the words of Christ, remaining by His side, not leaving or forsaking Him, through the teaching of the apostles.  The Church attended and adhered to the apostles’ teaching: it was a continuous action on the part of the early Church.  The desire to be instructed was great and they attended steadfastly to their instruction.  These apostles were trained for their mission by Jesus.  Now empowered by the Holy Spirit their work begins toward Revolution to an eager audience.  Why were the people attentive to the apostles’ teaching?  They were hungry for the words of their Savior; they had no other purpose but to be totally devoted to their Master and to the building of His Kingdom.

We have drifted far from the early Church and have turned from this deep desire for Jesus.  The doctrine may still be present and believed but the attentiveness to Christ and His mission is gone.  It is no longer about building His Kingdom but about building ours.  The Plow says cultivate the fields once again and start a fresh work for the Kingdom through desiring the words of Jesus once more and to give attendance to His commands.  The Scripture is not only to be learned but to be lived because the Word is the words and commands of Jesus Christ.