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There is an ever-increasing number who cannot forget that God means what He speaks: “Be perfect,” and who regard themselves as under the most solemn obligation to obey the command.  The words of Christ: “Be perfect,” are to them a revelation of what Christ is come to give and to work, a promise of the blessing to which His teaching and leading will bring them.  They have joined the band of like-minded ones whom Paul would associate with himself; they seek God with their whole heart; they serve Him with a perfect heart; their one aim in life is to be made perfect, even as the Master…. Fear not to take your place before God with Paul among the perfect in heart.  So far will it be from causing self-complacency, that you will learn from him how the perfect has yet to be perfected, and how the one mark of the perfect is that he counts all things loss as he presses on unto the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ. – Andrew Murray