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The perfection of God is His love; His will to communicate His own blessedness to all around Him.  His compassion and mercy are the glory of His being.  He created us in His image and after His likeness, to find our glory in a life of love and mercy and beneficence.  It is in love we are perfect, even as the Father is perfect…It is because the little child has received his life from his father, and because the father watches over his training and development, that there can be such a striking and ever-increasing resemblance between him in his feebleness and his father in his strength.  It is because the sons of God are partakers of the Devine nature, have God’s life, and spirit, and love within them, that the command is reasonable, and its obedience in ever-increasing measure possible: Be perfect, as your Father is.  The perfection is our Father’s: we have its seed in us; He delights to give the increase.  The words that first appear to cast us down in utter helplessness now become our hope and strength.  Be perfect, as your Father is perfect.  Claim your child’s heritage; give up yourself to be wholly a son of God; yield yourself to the Father to do in you all He is able.  – Andrew Murray