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“With the perfect man, You will show Yourself perfect.” As little as there can be a ray of the light of day, however dull and clouded it be, but what speaks of the sun, so little can there be any perfection but what is of God.  In its feeblest beginnings in a soul, in its darkest and almost hopeless struggling, it is all God’s perfection wrestling with man to break through and get possession.  As long as man refuses to consent, God cannot make His perfection known, for God must be to us what we are to Him: “With the warped, You show Yourself twisted.”  But where man’s will consents, and his heart chooses this perfection and this perfect God as its portion, God meets the soul with ever larger manifestation of how perfect He is towards His own.  “With the perfect man You will show Yourself perfect.”  Christian! walk before God with a perfect heart, and you will experience how perfect the heart, and the love, and the will of God to bless, is towards you.  Of a heart perfectly yielded to Him, God will take a perfect possession.  Walk before God in a perfect way – it is God who makes my way perfect – and your eyes and heart will be opened to see, in adoring wonder, how perfect God’s way is with you and for you.

– Andrew Murray