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You Shall be perfect with the Lord your God.  (Deuteronomy 18:13)

The chief hindrance in the way of obedience to this command lies in our misapprehension of what religion is.  Man was created simply to live for God, to show forth His glory, by allowing God to show how completely He could reveal His likeness and blessedness in man.  God lives for man; longing in the greatness of His love to communicate His goodness and His love.  It was to this life, lost by sin, Christ came to redeem us back.  The selfishness of the human heart looks upon salvation as simply the escape from hell, with so much of holiness as is needed to make our happiness secure.  Christ meant us to be restored to the state from which we had fallen – the whole heart, the whole will, the whole life given up to the glory and service of God.  To be wholly given up to God, to be perfect with the Lord our God, lies at the very root, is the very essence of true religion.  The enthusiastic devotion of the whole heart to God is what is asked of us.   – Andrew Murray

From the discussion of sanctification or spiritual growth of the believer we have been discussing on the pages of this blog it is clear that growth is a progressive thing.  It is also clear that growth begins in the heart with the actions following thereafter as fruit of what the heat is full of.

Murray used an example of a father working with his children.  At a young age the father is more concerned with the desire of the child to want to help his father in his work, with the attitude of the child wanting to be part of the father’s work.  The technique is not important at this point.  The technique will come with time, but the desire of the heart must be to be with the father and his work.  In the same manner, a believer is to work on the desire and seek after the will of the Father, and then the actions will follow in time.