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And thus it will be, till the whole Turn of our Minds is so changed, that we as fully see and know our Inability to have any Goodness of our own, as to have a Life of our own.  For since nothing is, or can be, good in us, but the Life of God manifested in us, how can this be had but from God alone?  When we are happily brought to this Conviction, then we have done with all Thought of being our own Builders; the whole Spirit of our Mind is become a mere Faith, and Hope, and Trust in the sole Operation of God’s Spirit, looking no more to any other Power, to be formed in Christ new Creatures, than we look to any other Power for the Resurrection of our Bodies at the last Day.  Hence may be seen, that the Trials of every State are its greatest Blessings; they do that for us, which we most of all want to have done, they force us to know our own Nothingness, and the All of God.  – William Law (emphasis in the original)

How I know this to be true.  With my wife being out of work for nine months and my struggles with my shoulder it has been a time knowing my inability, with my mind focus only where it needs to be – on Him.  It has not been easy, as growth comes with growing pains, but it has been for my benefit that He brings me through it all.