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Now no Man can be ignorant of the State of his own Heart, or a Stranger to those Tempers, that are alive and stirring in him, and therefore no Man can want a Form of Prayer (pre-written prayers); for what should be the Form of his Prayer, but that which the Condition and State of his Heart demands?  If you know of no Trouble, feel no Burden, want nothing to be altered, or removed, nothing to be increased or strengthened in you, how can you pray for any thing of this Kind?  But if your Heart knows its own Plague, feels its inward Evil, knows what it wants to have removed, will you not let your Destress form the manner of your Prayer?  Or will you pray in a Form of Words, that have no more Agreement with your State, than if a Man walking above-ground, should beg every Man he met, to pull him out of a deep Pit.  For Prayers not formed according to the real State of your Heart, are but like a Prayer to be pulled out of a deep Well, when you are not in it.  Hence you may see, how unreasonable it is to make a Mystery of prayer, or an Art, that needs so much Instruction; since every Man is, and only can be, directed by his own inward State and Condition, when, and how, and what he is to pray for, as every man’s outward State shows him what he outwardly wants.  And yet it should seem, as if a Prayer-Book was highly necessary, and ought to be the performance of great Learning and Abilities, since only our learned Men and Scholars make our Prayer-Books.  – William Law (emphasis in the original)