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Walk before Me, and be perfect.  God realized presence is the school, is the secret, of perfection.  It is only he who studies what perfection is in the full light of God’s presence to whom its hidden glory will be opened up.  That realized presence is the great blessing of redemption in Jesus Christ.  The veil has been rent, the way into the true sanctuary, the Presence of God, has been opened; we have access with boldness into the Holiest of all.  God, who has proved Himself God Almighty in raising Jesus from the dead and setting Him, and us in Him, at his right hand, speaks to us now to us: I am God Almighty: walk before Me, and be perfect.

That command came not only to Abraham.  Moses gave it to the whole people of Israel; “You shall be perfect with the Lord your God.”  It is for all Abraham’s children; for all the Israel of God; for every believer.  Oh! think not that ere you can obey you must first understand and define what perfection means.  No, God’s way is the very opposite of this.  Abraham went out, not knowing where he went.  You are called to go on to perfection: go out, not knowing where you are going.  It is a land God will show you.  Let your heart be filled with His glory: I am God Almighty.  Let your life be spent in His presence: walk before Me.  As His power and His Presence rest upon you and fill you, your heart will, before you know, be drawn up, and strengthened to accept and rejoice in and fulfil the command: be perfect.  As surely as the opening bud has but to abide in the light of the sun to attain perfection, will the soul that walks in the light of God be perfect too.  As the God, who is ALL, shines upon it, it cannot but rejoice to give Him ALL.  – Andrew Murray (emphasis in the original)