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Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the LORD, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.  (Hosea 10:12, emphasis added)

The point Tozer tried to make in Miracles Follow the Plow is that we all have a choice to make when it comes to the plow.  Which life do we want to live?  The other point is that the life of growth, the life seeking after the plow, is a life of pain.  We cannot escape growing pains.  We can choose the easy life of Christian normalcy or choose the life that follows after the plow of God, the life God commands His soldiers.  As we have been studying there is no Biblical basis for the easy life, the life of fallowed ground.  The Revolution for the Kingdom can only be successful through exchanging the easy life of Western Christianity for Biblical Christianity that follows the plow.  We know in other areas of the world revival and true growth of the Body of believers is happening in proportions not seen in recent Church history.  In Asia, Africa, and South America in particular great growth is taking place, but it has come with much pain and sacrifice of people who are willing to follow after the plow.

Revolutionaries are called to a life of obedience to their Commander in Chief no matter the cost.  Revolutions are not built upon fallow ground, but on ground upset by the plow.  Revolutions overthrow the status quo; that is what makes them revolutions.  We know missionaries effectively teach the Word of God and make disciples because they are not afraid of the pain of the plow and instead they embrace the plow, renounce the easy life of the world, and are obedient to their call.  They are true Revolutionaries in every sense of the word.  I hear about movements taking place in the West that are upsetting fallowed ground.  I hope this is not false reporting tainted by the consumer-driven bias of the Western mind.  We need a revolution.

What about you and me?  We have learned Jesus preached the Kingdom Revolution and trained His Twelve to begin a world invasion that would include disciple making and teaching of His Word.  We now possess understanding of the Authority behind the Great Commission and are without excuse as to its effectiveness.  We have discussed that Jesus is praying for His Church to be fighting for the Kingdom from His position of authority.  We have seen progress is made when the disciple’s life is yielded to the Holy Spirit.  All the tools have been given to us to fulfill the Great Commission.  But as Revolutionaries we must follow the plow and upset our normal, easy lives to make disciples and to teach the Word of God.  This life is working in other areas of the world and it can happen in the West if you and I follow the plow and the embrace the real normal of the lives of the apostles and the early Church as described and taught in the New Testament.  Make the Manifesto of The Plow yours and follow the plow of God in your life and the plan of Scripture for making disciples (the growing life) and teaching of the Word of God.

A.W. Tozer in his era was a Church critic who wrote a half a century ago in Tells the Man Who Cares and explains how the Church in the West can break out of the easy Christian experience:

What shall we do to break its power over us?  The answer is simple.  We must acknowledge the right of Jesus Christ to control the activities of His Church.  The New Testament contains full instructions, not only about what we are to believe but what we are to do and how we are to go about doing it.  Any deviation from these instructions is a denial of the Lordship of Christ.  (Emphasis in the original)     

The authority of Christ and the authority of His Word are the keys to breaking out of the normal Christian life and to follow the plow to the upsetting of the fallow ground of easy Christian living.  This is the purpose of The Plow.  Our Ministry Manifesto is an encouragement to embrace the life that follows behind the plow to fruitful living and to fulfill the Great Commission, specifically by making disciples and teaching the Word of God.  The Plow is an exhortation for you to step out of the box and call out for the plow to enter your field.  Then you can do what God desires to do in your life by participating in making disciples and teaching the Word of God.  As Tozer proclaimed: the New Testament is our instructional guide – follow it!