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Again I say to every one who wishes to join me in following through the Word of God its revelation of His will concerning perfection, yield yourself to the searching question: Can God say of me as of Noah and Job, of David and Asa, that my heart is perfect with the Lord my God?  Have I given myself up to say that there must be nothing, nothing whatever, to share my heart with God and His will?  Is a heart perfect with the Lord my God the object of my desire, my prayer, my faith, my hope?  Whether it has been so or not, let it be so today.  Make the promise of God’s word your own: “The God of peace Himself perfect you.”  The God, who is of the power to above all that we ask or think, will open up to you the blessed prospect of a life of which He shall say: His heart was perfect with the Lord his God.  – Andrew Murray