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But as our Body on Earth is to last to the End of our Lives; so to the End the end of our earthly Life, every Step we take, every Inch of our Road, is to be made up of Denial, and dying to ourselves; because all our Redemption consists in our regaining that first Life of Heaven in the Soul, to which Adam died in Paradise.  And therefore the one single Work of Redemption, is the one single Work of Regeneration, or the raising up of a Life, and Spirit, and Tempers, and Inclinations, contrary to that Life and Spirit which we derive from our earthly fallen Parents.  To think therefore of anything, but the continual, total Denial of our earthly Nature, is to overlook the very one thing on which all depends.  And to hope for anything, to trust or pray for anything, but the Life of God, or a birth of Heaven, in our Souls, is as useless to us, as placing our Hope and Trust in a graven Image.  Thus saith the Christ of God the one Pattern, and Author of our Salvation: “If any Man will be my disciple, let him deny himself, hate his own Life, take up his daily Cross, and follow me.” – William Law (emphasis in the original)