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If the Church will return to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is her strength and her help, and if the Church will return to give up everything, and wait on God to be filled with the Spirit, her days of beauty and gladness will return.  We will see the glory of God revealed among us.  (Andrew Murray)

I often talk about the state of the Church with my friends.  We share many of the same concerns and this quote offers some practical solutions to the problems we see in the Church.  Dr. Murray makes some interesting observations that can be implemented by individuals of the Body of Christ to help the Church be effective in reaching the lost again.

The first thing disciples should do is to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is the strength of the Church.  It is not about gifted leaders, speakers, or powerful worship.  It is God’s Church and He should be leading it, empowering it, and making it salt and light.  The Church is not to be man and woman leaded organization, but rather a Spirit filled and guided living organism: the Body of Christ.

The second thing we as disciples should do is to give up everything: our rights, our goals, our agendas, our pride, and to simply wait on God and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  See the Waiting Blog for ideas and thoughts on Biblical waiting.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit simply means in application that you yield to the power and direction of God in your life and you can discern that direction as you learn to wait on God.

The result according to Murray is that then we will see the glory of God revealed among us, the visible Body of a risen Savior you loves and seeks the lost and nurtures those who entrust themselves to Him.

God wants you to be a living vessel in whom the power of the Spirit is to be manifested every hour and every moment of your life.  God will enable you to be that.   (Andrew Murray)

Our lives are a visible manifestation of what is going on in the inside of us.  Who is in control of our throne is who will be seen by a world who needs the love of Jesus.  Murray reminds us that God will enable us to be manifesting the power of the Holy Spirit.  It just takes surrender on our part.

Ah, the great question for us to ask of God in self-examination is that we may be shown whether our Christian life is lived more in the power of the flesh than in the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Andrew Murray)

Self-examination is important.  For an introvert like myself I do it constantly.  At the end of the day we should ask ourselves: how did we live today?  Was our life lived in the flesh (Romans 7) or in the Spirit (Romans 8)?  We know what the answer should be.  We know that it takes submission and surrender.  If you desire the full life given to you by the Holy Spirit let Him be in control.