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Show me Your ways, O LORD; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day. (Psalm 25:4-5, NKJV, emphasis added)

Buy truth and do not sell it – seek truth and do so by waiting upon God with great hope.

Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding. (Proverbs 23:23, NKJV)

The value of truth is trying to be communicated by this proverb. The command to purchase truth tells us that no matter what it costs – inquire truth. We have been studying the truth that God wants to give to us. We have seen the benefits of walking and ordering our lives so that we gain truth. How long do you have to wait? Answer: as long as it takes because it is worth it. I cannot help to think about the Reformers through Church history who gave their lives to bring the Word of God to the people in their own language. It was worth it to them. Why should we neglect such a wonderful gift from God, written in the blood of His own Son, for us?

Not only should we obtain truth at any cost we are never to sell it. It is ours to keep forever because His Words endure forever as we have already learned. Keep guard over the truth given to you. Wait upon the Lord with great hope to receive the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the Word of God.

Just as precious to the disciple as truth are wisdom, instruction, and understanding by which we handle the Word of God correctly (2 Timothy 3:15). Wisdom is the skill, experience, and shrewdness needed in practically applying the truth in your life. Instruction is the discipline of teaching or learning the truth. Understanding is comprehension and discernment that leads to righteous action concerning the truth. All are equally important. All are extremely valuable. All are available through His Word and the Holy Spirit acting in the life of the person who waits upon God.

Waiting: The One Upon the Throne of Truth 

God sits upon His throne in truth and we can enter His courts by waiting on Him.

In mercy the throne will be established; and One will sit on it in truth, in the tabernacle of David, judging and seeking justice and hastening righteousness. (Isaiah 16:5, NKJV)

This prophetic utterance of Isaiah is speaking of the coming Jewish Messiah, Christ our Lord. The Son of God will sit upon the throne taking the Kingly office that is rightly His through the Davidic covenant (2 Samuel 7). The Lord promised David that his descendant would sit upon his throne forever and he was true to His word because His word is truth. Our King rules through and by His throne, for His throne symbolizes His authority to rule. Sit before God today and love Him in the glory of His majesty, might and power.

Prayerfully meditate upon the following passages of Scripture as you wait upon God in truth:

1 Chronicles 29:11-12; 2 Chronicles 20:6; Psalm 21:5; Psalm 29:4; Psalm 45:3-4; Psalm 93:1; Psalm 96:6; Psalm 104:1; Psalm 145:5, 12; Isaiah 40:26; Luke 9:43; Ephesians 1:19-23; Ephesians 6:10; 2 Peter 1:16; Jude 25; and Revelation 7:12