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In regards to Peter’s Repentance in Luke 22:61-62 (John 13:36) “Peter was not in a fit state to follow Christ, because he had not been brought to an end of himself.” (Luke 22:32) “Here is the point where Peter was converted from self to Christ.” “But remember, before Christ could fill Peter with the Holy Spirit and make a new man of him, he had to gout and weep bitterly; he had to be humbled.” (Matthew 19:27) “Peter was a man of absolute surrender; he gave up all to follow Jesus. Peter was also a man of ready obedience.” “The life of self was strong in Peter. He had left his boats and his nets, but not his old self.” “…it was in self-confidence that he went forth and denied his Lord.” “There is no other choice for us; we must either deny self or deny Christ.” “Are there not some saying: “Ah! That is the problem with me; it is always the self-life, self-comfort, self-consciousness, self-pleasing, and self-will. How am I to get rid of it? My answer is: It is Christ Jesus who can rid you of it. No one else but Christ Jesus can give deliverance from the power of self. And what does He ask you to do? He asks that you should humble yourself before Him.”   Andrew Murray