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It is in hearts entirely surrendered to the Lord Jesus, separating themselves from the world, and even from ordinary religious exercises, and giving themselves up in intense prayer to look to their Lord, that the heavenly will of God will be made manifest…That is the great want in every worker – the spirit of the world going out, and the Spirit of God coming in to take possession of the inner life and the whole being…God wants us to seek for the Holy Spirit as a Spirit of power in our own heart and life, to conquer self and cast out sin, and to work the blessed and beautiful image of Jesus into us.  Andrew Murray

This quote from Dr. Murray is full of application for the disciple desiring to become like Christ. This application works quite nicely within the writings on this blog site in each of the categories (all the blogs are meant to overlap and give attention to Christian character and growth, unsettling the ordinary Christian life). Each and every application is discussed in various blogs so I will not elaborate, but list the applications as a tool to pray about and study, hopefully using this site if you desire to do so:

Surrender your heart to Jesus (see Mystic Moments)

Note it necessarily follows that after surrender Jesus is in control and works all things for His good purpose

Separate yourself from the world (see Mystic Moments, The Plow)

Note when separated from the world the life of the Spirit can begin to take root

Give up yourself to intense prayer to learn the will of God (see Waiting, Mystic Moments)

Control is sought to be placed into the hands of God

To seek that the spirit of the world to go out and the Spirit of God come in (see Poor in Spirit, Waiting)

The transference of your allegiance is a transfer of control to the Holy Spirit

To conquer self and cast out sin (see Poor in Spirit, Waiting, and Teleios)

Only God can accomplish this through our giving up control to Him

Then the image of Christ can be formed in us