Where does the Church stand today in the Revolution for the Kingdom?  Somehow the intention and motives of the Revolution have been lost in this post-modern world.  The Western Church has become lost in the church growth movement and does not seem to want to find its way back to the Church’s Manifesto – the New Testament; with our focus upon the Great Commission; the result being a Bible illiterate Church.  Churches care more about numbers than doctrine; and without proper doctrine the converts reaped are questionable in their effectiveness for the Kingdom.  The Bible has lost its centrality in the Kingdom Revolution. 

While the battle is being fought on multiple fronts the Revolution in totality of the Church is too great a task to be discussed in this format; but we will be using the Great Commission as a starting point.   This blog is only going to address two overlapping commands in the Great Commission: to make disciples (discipleship ministry) and to teach them (teaching ministry).  The battle is going to be won; it is a done deal.  We hope that this encouragement to engage will prepare you to take part in the decisive battle for the Kingdom Revolution.

Teaching ministry includes much more than the senior pastor of a local church.  There are a lot of teaching ministries that a healthy church uses who utilize the gift of teaching.  Also consider the Sunday school teachers and small group leaders.  Then there are worship leaders and ministry trainers.  The gift of pastor teacher has been given to the Church and the Scriptures have much to say regarding this gift.  

Discipleship ministry is much broader in scope than teaching, though the two ministries overlap with many of the same players in these activities.  Pastors, teachers, ministry leaders, parents, and the ordinary Joe all have their place in this ministry.  Discipleship includes training and equipping the saints for ministry through the art of replication.  The Manifesto has much to say on this topic and the Church has not been doing its homework diligently or effectively. 

The Plow will be written to encourage leaders to be obedient soldiers in the Revolution of the Kingdom. The Plow exists to help unsettle the life of the Church from the normal, easy, lazy, complacent, and ineffective battle plan to the plan of the Manifesto.  The Bible calls the Church to be producing saints that are growing, working, fit, healthy, and mature, living and operating in unity of purpose – to win the Revolution.  The Revolution will be won when the Church follows its Manifesto as given in the New Testament and in particular the Great Commission given to her as a command.