“For you can have no greater sign of a more confirmed pride, then when you think that you are humble enough. He that thinks he loves God enough, shows himself to be an entire stranger to that holy passion; so he that thinks he has humility enough, shows that he is not so much as a beginner in the practice of true humility.” William Law

To paraphrase Dietrich Bonhoeffer: even though you are light you are not to look at yourself. The world should look at your life and see humility for we are salt and light (Matthew 5: 13-16), but you disciple, are not to see it. For when we see our own “humility” it becomes pride, and pride is the root of all sin.

Never are we to draw attention to ourselves because we are just ambassadors for Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:20). The word used for ambassador in the time of Paul was clearly referred to the imperial service of Caesar, and taken over to Christianity as the imperial service of Christ. The imperial secretary of Rome used a technical expression as to being an ambassador was to be entrusted as a designate in the matter of his administration by the Emperor himself. Likewise we are designated by Christ Himself to represent Him and His message. This ambassadorship is a privilege and is not used for our glory. We have a kingdom to represent and that kingdom is not us, but Christ who appointed us His servants.