“If I only knew” you may say to yourself during the day.  We may not know everything, but we know who does.  Waiting on God is quite beneficial to us and the kingdom because God is the holder of all truth.  What a reassuring thing to remember when we get confused during our daily walk and wonder what is happening.  Why did this happen?  Why did this not happen?  God knows and cares for you.  He has your back.  Wait on Him with great hope and expectation. 

Show me Your ways, O LORD; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day.  (Psalm 25:4-5, NKJV, emphasis added) 

God abounds in truth and it comes to those who wait on Him with great hope. 

And the LORD passed before him and proclaimed, “The LORD, the LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth.”  (Exodus 34:6, NKJV)

But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth.  (Psalm 86:15, NKJV) 

Abound as used here in the Hebrew means exceedingly great and full.  In God we have the fullness of truth; there is nothing in His character that is not truthful.  The truth that the Lord possesses in His being is beyond our comprehension, but we are certain that the Lord God Almighty operates in truth and will not deceive us in any way.  The truth should be what we all desire.  The truth of the Lord is trustworthy and will never lead us in a direction other than the true direction.  God reveals Himself in His Word so we can be certain in His Word as to the truth it gives us.  We can be certain in His revelation to us as being truthful.  We can rely upon the Lord and what He shows us of Himself.  This truth is complete and is available for our benefit even if we do not understand it – yet.

The coupling of truth with goodness in Exodus 34:6 speaks of complete goodness due to the truthful promises of God.  The Lord is abundantly good because He is truthful in His promises.  Likewise the coupling of truth with mercy in Psalm 86:15 speaks of complete mercy due to the truthful promises of God.  So as we meditate on the above verses we see the multifaceted character of God that is all based in all truth.  Because He is God He manifests Himself in completeness of who He is.  Because He cannot lie we are presented with the true character of His being in His glorious Word.  

As we wait upon the Lord we are awaiting truth to be manifested in our lives for we wait on the Truthful One.  The person who is developing Christian character recognizes that he is not the bearer of truth.  The flesh is filthy rotten and will lie to you.  The person who waits on God will desire to seek the truth and will wait upon the Lord until truth invades his dark life with the light of God’s truth.

Remember that God is complete in all truth and is the source of truth for your life.  We have been stating that we learn truth by waiting on God and seeking Him in study of His word and in prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to build the character that relies upon the truth of the Lord.