“Pride is only the disorder of the fallen world, it has no place amongst other beings; it can only subsist where ignorance and sensuality, lies and falsehood, lusts and impurity reign.”  William Law

Every human except Christ Himself has succumbed to the disease of pride; in fact all sin is the result of pride.  We want control.  We want pleasure.  We want…  Jesus has made provision for your sins in the finished work of the cross.  Jesus also has the answer for the cure of the disease of pride, and that is a life of being poor in spirit.  This life is the emphasis currently in the blogs of this site, and the practical applications are discussed in these pages.

But remember this life, the teleios life, can only begin after repentance and commitment to Jesus Christ.  Then the journey commences.  We do not have to defeat pride because the battle is over; only submission to the work of the Holy Spirit remains.  It is simple, but not easy.  It is a lifetime of living poor in spirit that leads to the crown.  It begins in waiting prayer and it continues in daily victory in Christ.