“Life-fellowship with Jesus is the only school for the science of heavenly things.”   Andrew Murray. 

In order to learn about the Kingdom on earth and in heaven you must have life-fellowship with Jesus.  What did Murray mean by life-fellowship?  In reading Andrew Murray you would understand that day in and day out the process of sanctification, or what Murray called “the higher life” is a life of submission to the will of God.  Only in submission do we walk with Jesus.  Only in submission do we understand the kingdom.

The Christian life is called a walk.  The meaning of walk is to order one’s behavior, to conduct one’s self. Thus our life is ordered or conducted by a standard, and that standard is Christ. Our life should be characterized as a life walked with Jesus, every moment of the day. Submission is allowing the Holy Spirit to take control. We do no work; we walk with Jesus moment by moment in what Murray would call the “now.”   

Fellowship in the Greek is seen in the Greek marriage contract.  It is a partnership, a possessing things in common, a belonging in common to; and joint participation in an activity.  So when we look at the phrase life-fellowship in the Biblical since it means a day by day walk with Jesus for the sharing or participation in the kingdom of God.  All things should be done for the kingdom; it is where Christ and I mutually reside, and mutually participate, and ultimately belong.  Jesus and I on a walk: the life-fellowship.                                                                                                               

It is important to put things in order: following (or walking behind/with) precedes learning.  Follow Jesus.  Walk with Jesus.  Learn from Jesus.

The commands of Jesus concerning the call of discipleship can be ordered as well: follow Me becomes be yoked to Me, which becomes learn of Me.

The abiding life that Andrew Murray wrote about also follows an ordering of simple trust becomes simple submission becomes the abiding life.

The Plow addresses “the process” frequently.  The process is called sanctification, and the fast track is discipleship.  Living in life-fellowship with Jesus can be easy.  Commit to the process and submit to the will of the Holy Spirit in your life.