Show me Your ways, O LORD; teach me Your paths.  Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day.  (Psalm 25:4-5, NKJV, emphasis added)

The Scriptures tell us we can be shown His ways and this would involve waiting in hope.

In our text above we are told we can know His ways because God will reveal, or show, them to us.  The word for show in the Hebrew means to know, learn, or perceive by experience.  To know His ways we must spend time with Him; this is very important.  This is where waiting on the Lord God with hope becomes our means of experiencing Him and knowing His ways.  Remember that we can wait on the Lord in worship, prayer, and Bible study.  Wait and be patient – this is how we learn; this is how we grow.  God is in complete control of our learning to know His ways; it is His blessing to us by revealing Himself, and it is our blessed opportunity to wait to receive.

For forty years I was grieved with that generation, and said, “It is a people who go astray in their hearts, and they do not know My ways.  So I swore in My wrath, they shall not enter My rest.”  (Psalm 95:10-11, NKJV) 

Another one of God’s ways is not straying.  The people that were brought out of Egypt in the Exodus saw the mighty works of God, but decided in their hearts that they did not want to personally experience the LORD in all His power.  Just being observers and not personally experiencing God in the wilderness made them a rebellious people.  They were told His ways, but they did not know His ways.  This grieved the Lord because He desired that they know His ways.  Not experiencing God led them to go astray in their hearts.  They had no desire in them to know His ways.  We have the advantage of having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we can experience God and know His ways; and this comes through waiting on God with great hope. 

They shall not enter My rest.  The Hebrew word for rest means a resting place, rest, quiet. It is used in several ways to denote places where peace, quiet, and trust are present.  In the context of this passage it specifically relates to the promised land of Canaan.  The nation was to inherit the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Deuteronomy 12:9).  There they could rest in the promises of God.  They choose to be rebellious instead of inheriting the land (Jeremiah 6:16).  We too have a choice to rest in Christ (Matthew 11:28-29).  We need to know His ways and rest in Christ as God desires for us, and this comes through waiting on God.

Make the choice to allow the Spirit to make the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit known to you, to experience the Godhead in all its power, peace, and joy.  Let us learn from the negative example of the wilderness nation and choose to know His ways through waiting on God.

He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel. (Psalm 103:7, NASB) 

To continue with the preceding verse we are presented with a contrast.  God’s ways are often seen in His actions displayed to the discerning heart.  Moses knew the ways of God because he experienced God, he knew the LORD.  In contrast the children of Israel, who died in the wilderness, only knew of His acts that were performed before them.  We have the choice of being like Moses and experience the LORD God or to be like the children of Israel and only see His acts as done in Scripture or in the lives of others.  Which choice will you make? 

Make the choice of being like Moses and experience God.  You will experience Him as you wait upon Him with hope.  Don’t rush it because He is in control.  Let go of your agenda and submit to His will today in everything you do.