I desire to begin a serious of blogs dealing with discipleship, and more specifically how being Poor in Spirit is where discipleship begins.  I would consider what I am presenting to my readers is a series of meditations on Scripture.  By meditation I mean devotional reading as a slow, but at your own pace, approach to gaining knowledge and wisdom in application with a major theme in the God’s Word.  Why even discuss Poor in Spirit at all?  Because in the world of celebrity, character matters more than ever.  People do not see Jesus in the lives of Christians because the individual members of the Body of Christ are usually bankrupt in character.  To share Jesus is to live with Christian character to be seen by the world with only one hope: Christ.  The topic of becoming Poor in Spirit is very important to the Christian who desires to develop the character of Christ and be the light to a dark world. 

This Poor in Spirit project began as a search for the Biblical understanding of discipleship contained within The Sermon on the Mount (The Sermon).  The quest took me in places I never thought I would go.  I knew discipleship would lead me to The Sermon, but this journey never took me beyond verse three of Matthew Chapter Five.  What was brought to light by the Holy Spirit is that Jesus was very serious about discipleship, character development, and about His Word. 

This seriousness about Bible study has been a passion of mine from the time I picked up the Word two-and-a-half years before making a commitment to follow Jesus.  My search brought me to a startling realization that should not have been such a shock to me: the whole Bible, from cover to cover, speaks of Poor in Spirit.  This should not be surprising because Jesus started his teaching of His Twelve in the very same place: you have to be Poor in Spirit.  Because of my passion for Bible study, and in this case reviewing the Biblical story of becoming Poor in Spirit, you will note one characteristic in these blog/meditation: the Scripture speaks for itself and is the focal point in each blog/meditation.  Any clarifying definitions, examples, or encouragement is from the Bible itself; commentary was kept to a minimum (or at least I hoped it was).

I may have taken liberty with the text when it came to character studies in the Bible.  The intent was to portray the Biblical concept of Poor in Spirit in the lives of the people in the Word of God.  There will be some disagreement as to what the Scripture only implies, but does not state explicitly.  For instance I strongly believe that King Saul may have started with an attitude of Poor in Spirit, but I may be wrong.  Maybe he was a scoundrel from day one.  I do not want to debate my examples, but will let the concept of Poor in Spirit be a concept meditated upon by the reader. 

My prayer is the Holy Spirit will develop the character of Christ in you, starting with the character of Poor in Spirit.  This is important to Jesus and should be important to you.  Take your time and meditate upon these blogs.  The foundation you build by the work of the Spirit will become a strong one because the foundation is Christ Himself.